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Match Highlight--Rohin and Arthur

Updated: 4 days ago

Rohin & Arthur first started meeting in April 2024 at the Northeastern Chapter. Arthur was so excited to meet Rohin for the first time, that he even showed him around the whole facility. The two have enjoyed sharing their interests in nature, hiking, and music. They are both from Massachusetts and have found that they have much else in common! Arthur always has insightful advice and random fun facts, such as how pine trees are the most common tree in Massachusetts and that birch trees are often the first to sprout after a wildfire. One significant connection they share is having family members with dementia, which has allowed them to bond and support each other through their experiences.

A fun fact is that Arthur and his wife have been together for over 50 years. Rohin is always curious about Arthur's secret to a successful relationship and frequently seeks his advice on the topic!

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