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Match Highlight - Ms. Judy and Sarah

As a freshman at the University of Georgia, Sarah was matched with Judith, or as she calls her, Ms. Judy. During the year they have been paired, the two have become incredibly close. 

Describing Ms. Judy, Sarah says, “She is a super fun and spunky woman. Ms. Judy is full of energy and personality, and she can always make me laugh.” Most of the time they spend together, they simply talk about their lives and get to know each other better. “Ms. Judy always has a crazy new story that I love to hear.” They also occasionally paint together, which often ends with getting paint all over themselves and lots of laughs. The pair painted pumpkins together for Halloween and consider this one of their favorite memories they share. Through the weekly meetings, deep conversations and fun activities, Ms. Judy has become family to Sarah. 

Most importantly, Ms. Judy taught Sarah a lot about life. Sarah reflects, “She always tells me not to stress the small things and that life is too short to be worried. She loves to encourage me in anything that I’m working toward, and I always appreciate all of her words of wisdom.”

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