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Match Highlight - Lily and Carol

Lily and Carol have been meeting for just over a month and in this short time, the pair have formed a true friendship. They initially bonded over their shared love of playing musical instruments. Lily plays the piano, and Carol plays both the piano and violin.

The two love to talk about their appreciation of music, their families, and dogs. If the pair is not chatting together, they can be found playing games. Carol taught Lily how to play Rummikub during their very first meeting and it quickly became one of their favorites, although Lily confesses they both share equally bad luck which usually leads to some laughs.

"As soon as we start playing she puts me in my place when I break the rules because I forgot how to play" explained Lily.

It wasn't until their 4th meeting that Lily was able to successfully clear her board and win the game.

As the pair grows in their friendship, Carol has discussed stories of her childhood, talked about her grandchildren, and shared some of her personal artwork with Lily, from watercolors to embroidery. Lily divulged her plans to sit down at the piano with Carol sometime soon and take turns playing for each other.

We have loved hearing stories from Lily and Carol after their weekly meetings and can not wait to watch their friendship continue to blossom!

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