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Alumni Highlight - Maddie Foster

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

During college, Maddie was a member of the UW-Madison chapter of Perfect Pair. After graduating in May, she moved out of downtown Madison and began an occupational therapy assistant program. Before joining Perfect Pair, Maddie had always wanted to work with kids. But after her incredible experience being paired, she began considering working with the geriatric population instead.

“I originally joined Perfect Pair because I loved the idea of making meaningful connections with the people older than me who have had many different experiences and stories. I also wanted to become more involved in my community and volunteer my time!”

Maddie’s pair ended up being a man with the nickname “Boomer.” Learning about her match, Maddie says, “As soon as I heard this nickname, I knew that he was going to be an amazing person.” Although Boomer had dementia, this did not stop him from laughing, singing, and still making the most of life. Every single visit Boomer and Maddie laughed. Sometimes they sang karaoke or watched movies or called some of the staff “whippersnappers”. Boomer loved calling people that nickname, and it made Maddie laugh every time. Boomer and Maddie discussed their families, the activities they enjoyed and Boomer’s experience playing college tennis and being a veteran.

“I was lucky enough to be paired with an amazing match that was goofy and lighthearted,” Maddie said, “Boomer always made everyone feel good about themselves and smile.”

Reflecting on her experience, Maddie says, “I am so thankful for Perfect Pair and happy I was able to make this connection. I would recommend anyone who loves to talk and spend their time making meaningful friendships to join this organization. I also hope that the UW-Madison chapter continues to grow!”

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