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Q&A with a Pair - Quinn and Gayl

At the University of Michigan, Quinn and Gayl love to be entertained. Initially matched because they are both film and theater fanatics, Quinn is still involved with theater in college and Gayl loves hearing stories from her rehearsals and watching her performances.

When they can’t meet in person, they meet virtually over Zoom. Their first few meetings had a few technical difficulties, but they laugh about it now. In one of their recent meetings, they completed this question-and-answer activity to learn some new facts and stories about each other.

Q. What is your favorite activity you and your pair have completed together, and what is one activity you would like to complete together?

Quinn: Gayl and I usually just chat or play a word game. In the future, we’d love to order some art supplies from the activity catalog! We’d also love to visit a museum together.

Q. Describe your pair in 3 words

Gayl: clever, funny, kind

Quinn: dramatic, goal-driven, open-minded

Q. What is your favorite story from your meetings with your pair?

Quinn: Gayl once told me about acting in a film that her older brother made when they were younger. Gayl loved hearing about my production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show here at Michigan.

Q. Did you ever have any fun nicknames throughout your life? How did those nicknames come to be?

Gayl: Never really had one, but sometimes I think people should call me Trouble!

Quinn: My parents call me Wunkin because I couldn’t say Munchkin/Wunchkin when I was younger.

Q. If you had to give your pair a nickname, what would it be and why?

Quinn: We’d call each other by the same names as our favorite actors! I’d call Gayl Audrey Hepburn and she’d call me Sutton Foster.

Q. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Gayl: Flying, so I wouldn’t have to drive anywhere.

Quinn: Talking with animals, so I could always know what they’re thinking.

Q. What is one way that your pair has impacted your future?

Quinn: We’ve realized that friendship can be shared even if there are 52 years between us.

Q. Would you like to be famous? In what regard? Why or why not?

Gayl: I wouldn’t want to be famous because I like having privacy in life.

Quinn: I’d love to be a famous actor because theater is what I love to do.

We have loved watching Gayl and Quinn’s friendship grow throughout their meetings and hope to hear many more stories from them and their theater adventures.

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1 Comment

Emily Lerner
Emily Lerner
Dec 22, 2022

Absolutley love this!!! What an amazing, musical pair :)

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