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Q&A with a Pair - Lee and Shriya

Shriya and Lee have been meeting with Perfect Pair at the University of Michigan for almost 2 years. Shriya is an undergraduate student studying neuroscience and psychology planning to attend medical school after graduation and Lee studied psychology in college before working at a beauty salon for most of her adult life. Both Shriya and Lee enjoy dance, art, music, and sharing stories about their families.

During one of their recent meetings, Shriya and Lee interviewed each other to continue learning more about one another and reflect on some of their shared experiences through Perfect Pair so far.

Q. How did your very first meeting with your pair go? How have things changed since then?

Shriya - At my very first meeting with my Lee, there was definitely this hesitation to be fully comfortable with each other as it is with any new friend. We didn’t know each other’s likings, opinions, or values, so it was difficult to gauge topics to talk about. However, as our meetings became regular and I visited in person a few times, we surpassed that barrier and I truly feel like I have had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of meeting someone like her. I feel very warm and happy after our weekly conversations and am extremely appreciative of her company.

Q. What are you most grateful for?

Lee - I’m very grateful for my sons who take care of me, talk to me, and come visit me. I’m lucky to be blessed with my children.

Shriya - I’m very grateful to go to a college where I can pursue my dreams and have a healthy balance of social life!

Q. What is your favorite activity you and your pair have completed together, and what is one activity you would like to complete together?

Shriya - We each brought a piece of an item that held a special place in our hearts to our meeting one day. I brought a heart-shaped pendant that my dad bought for me when I was 1 year old and I have worn it since I became responsible enough in middle school. The pendant has a lot of emotional value to me. Lee brought a bracelet that her son gave her and she told me how she has never failed to wear it since that day. I loved how both of us brought jewelry without any pre-meditation and it just goes to show how we both value family and the bond we have with them. It also means that we will try to maintain our bond as long as we can and that makes me very happy.

Q. Did you ever have any fun nicknames throughout your life? How did those nicknames come to be?

Lee - My children’s friends would often call me Mrs. B instead of my full last name and I found it quite endearing.

Shriya - My parents call me kitten in my native language— it’s embarrassing in public but I find it endearing, too.

Q. What is one way that your pair has impacted your future?

Lee - I have three sons and I find that Shriya is like the daughter I never had and I appreciate talking to her and listening to the things she is doing in her life. College, schooling, activities- it’s all very interesting.

Shriya - I don’t really get to talk to my grandparents and I feel like I have found a grandmother in Lee. I can share so much with her that I sometimes hesitate to share with other people. She is so accepting and kind in the way she talks about other people and with whatever I tell her.

Q. What is the most random talent you have? Have you shared this with your pair before now?

Shriya - Moonwalk– I had never shared this with Lee before!

Lee - An interest in fashion.

Q. Describe your pair in 3 words

Lee - “Sweet, Honorable, Giving” about Shriya

Shriya - “Kind, Open-Minded, Caring” about Lee

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