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Match Highlight - Erin and Barb

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Erin and Barb were one of the chapter’s first matches. Both love all things sports and athletics and enjoy some quality reading time when they aren’t too busy hanging out with their friends.

A typical meeting between Erin and Barb always includes something that taps into their creative side. Before Erin left campus for winter break, she and Barb spent some time making and decorating holiday cards. Barb asked Erin to help her pass them out to some of her friends at the assisted living community, and Barb left special notes in the cards that Erin intended to pass out to her friends on campus.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and Erin and Barb are wonderful examples of that. When Erin returned to university after the holidays, she resumed her weekly meetings with Barb, too.

“Barb was super excited to me and told me she had been waiting since our last meeting to see me again!” Erin shared about her first meeting back from break. We are so glad that Erin and Barb have found such true friendships in one another!

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