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Match Highlight - Wayne and Emma

At the University of Washington, Wayne and Emma were matched in May and began meeting at Aegis Living Lake Union. Reflecting on her first meeting with Wayne, Emma says, “When I first met Wayne he was so kind and understanding. I accidentally forgot to double-check our meeting time, but Wayne finished up the meeting he was in and was happy to talk to me.

Wayne and Emma have bonded over their shared love snow sports, spending time outside and the color green. During their meetings, they often play dominoes, go on walks around the facility, or just spend time talking and getting to know each other better. Describing these conversations, Emma says, “It’s relaxing, and conversation just flows. I like listening to all his stories and sharing mine.

Although this pair has been on pause over the summer, Wayne and Emma are excited to see each other again in the fall and continue to grow their relationship. "I have really enjoyed being able to talk to Wayne. He is super considerate and writes notes about my favorite color and food. He is compassionate and likes to serve, as shown by taking an active role on the movie committee. I look forward to visiting him again in the fall!"

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