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Match Highlight - Pat and Rena

Pat and Alexandrena (Rena) were matched at Michigan State University Perfect Pair because they both describe themselves as extroverts, love volunteering, and dancing. “I love sharing my volunteering experiences with Pat and I love when she shares hers. It's cool to see how different yet similar our experiences were” Rena said.

Pat and Rena take full advantage of our activity catalog, doing many different activities together during their meetings. Creative activities are a favorite of this pair, as they spend their time painting together, building wooden birdhouses, and writing letters and poetry. Pat shares her stories from her time working as a staff member at Michigan State University and Rena shares stories of her childhood and song recommendations with Pat.

While our pairs are originally matched due to their similarities, Rena and Pat both believe their differences are invaluable. "I like talking to Rena because we have differences so we can learn from each other," said Pat. We know Pat and Rena will continue to grow in their friendship this year and create wonderful memories together.

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