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Match Highlight - Charles and Owen

Charles, a resident, and Owen, a volunteer with Perfect Pair at Drexel University, have been meeting together since March 2022. They were matched based on mutual interests in journalism, sports, and their love of the outdoors. During their weekly meetings, the pair enjoy discussing current events, and their day-to-day lives.

When they had technology issues earlier this semester, Charles expressed how diligently he would work to ensure that he could meet with Owen next week, as their meetings were always a highlight of his day and week. Together in just four months, they have built an intergenerational bond that they both look forward to week after week.

"Charles has truly opened my eyes to so many things," Owen said. "When I was struggling with my major and deciding what was right for me, Charles was always there for me."

In early May, Owen drove an hour away from his college campus to finally meet with Charles in person! The pair chatted at a diner for hours and topped off the evening with some ice cream (chocolate for Owen and butterscotch for Charles). We can not wait to see their relationship continue to grow.

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