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Meet Sam & Nabelah

Nabelah x Sam.png

Why they were paired:

  • Sam and Nabelah both love comedy and share a sense of humor 

  • Sam is interested in learning and new language and Nabelah is bilingual

  • Both are hardworking and great listeners 

  • Both are interested in politics

About Sam & Nabelah:

Sam & Nabelah have been meeting since 2022, and they are best friends!  From learning languages to learning each other’s lives, this pair is one of our favorites!

Sam is a “goober” according to Nabelah, and this pair loves to keep their minds sharp. During their meetings, they exchange stories, laughs, and vulnerabilities. They both love to learn languages and during their meetings complete Arabic lessons and do the Wordle. We love this duo! 


“I really treasure my time with Sam! We started off with a weekly routine of playing Wordle and doing Arabic language lessons together. But as we got to know each other, we found ourselves just checking in with each other’s lives and the state of the world -- nowadays we spend the whole meeting talking about everything from politics to the paranormal! In just a few months, we’ve bonded and he truly has become a mentor figure to me. He says that he looks forward to seeing me every week because I brighten up his day and I give him a lot to think about when we have our conversations. He says he’ll miss our meetings, but that I “can't get rid of him that easily” and that he “expects an invitation to my next graduation and wedding”!"

A Reflection from Nabelah 

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