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Match Highlight-Alice and Johanna

Meet Johanna and Alice from Perfect Pair at the University of Central Florida! 

Johanna and Alice were matched due to their shared interests in seizing new opportunities. Throughout their meetings, they have swapped stories about their lives and interesting experiences, cultivating a lasting friendship that has grown close. They also love buying Powerball tickets and scratch-offs together. In the 2023-24 academic year, Johanna & Alice were awarded the Mary Grannan Award for embodying the pillars of care, wisdom, and commitment to positively impacting others’ lives. Jo and Alice have been the greatest pair our chapter has seen. Alice matches Mary's description incredibly well; she is always super passionate and loves to spread the word about Perfect Pair at her facility. Jo and Alice have truly become best friends, and you can tell that they meet because of how their presence changes the mood of the entire facility.  We love this pair!

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