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Meet Mary & Madison

Why they were paired:

  • Mary and Madison share a love for reading 

  • Both of their "perfect days" involve yoga 

  • They both enjoy outdoor activities such as camping

  • They are always open to finding new hobbies 

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About Mary & Madison:

Mary & Madison have been meeting since 2021, and are one of our favorite pairs! The two have been meeting every week for two years, and have become so close. The two love to talk about their days, and learn new things together. The pair got so close that Madison brought her family to meet Mary, and three generations connected!


Both Mary & Madison have also joined Perfect Pair leadership! In 2022-23, Madison served as the Director of Operations, and Mary served on our Advisory Team. We're so lucky to have both Mary and Madison involved in our organization! 


“I love the fact that my circle of friends has broadened. I'm learning a whole bunch of stuff! It is the highlight of my week. Deeply meaningful relationships are essential to me and that is exactly what my experience has been with Madison. We care about each other. I love to see her move through such an important part of her life; developing academic skills, life skills, and just generally having fun. It brings so much joy into my life! I think we both entered this program with the intention of making a new friend. It has offered that and so much more.” 

A Reflection from Mary: 

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