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Meet Joel Shapira, MA

VP of Global Growth Channels, MyndVR 

Joel Shapira’s personal mission is to continually help others communicate with and connect to people, ideas, opportunities and themselves as they discover and create what better looks like -- in their work and personal lives. As the Founder and Chief Orchestrator of Beyond Age, a consulting service that helps for-profits, nonprofits and governments collaborate to design, develop and distribute tech-enabled products & services for older adults, his work helps clients adopt a systems-oriented approach to serving older adults and producing the innovations they demand and deserve within a paradigm of increased global longevity. He is a self-directed, independent business professional with 20+ years experience in high-tech and digital communications. He has experience in tracking records of success & reliable performance with both early-stage and established companies and takes a creative, collaborative, tenacious and diligent approach to empowering colleagues and customers. In addition to his work at Beyond Age, he currently serves as the VP of Global Growth Channels for MyndVR, as a startup mentor for Techstars, as a growth advisor for the Purpose Equation, Hucu.Al, the National Board of Directors of the Village to Village Network, and the Canopy Gap. His collaborative efforts are  intended to "Invigorate the Aging Experience."

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