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Meet Jason Molony

Independent Aging Consultant


Jason is proud to champion Perfect Pair, having seen the need for such an organization time and again in his career. In his roles at the University of Massachusetts and the University of Chicago he was approached by students and student groups seeking opportunities for meaningful connections with older adults.


Through a series of leadership roles, Jason has catalyzed multidisciplinary teams to envision, develop, and implement person-centered innovations that consistently result in tangible improvements in the lives of older adults, caregivers, and communities. With over 12 years of experience in the field of aging across non-profit, academic research, agetech, and healthcare sectors, his unique and holistic perspective centers on enduring benefit through evidence-based, user-centered, and scalable interventions. The moments that resonate the strongest in his heart were those times of true connection, in nursing homes, community centers, and living rooms. 

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