How do we pair students and seniors?

We create perfect pair matches by reading through applications and matching students and residents in assisted living buildings based on mutual interests, shared background, and similar hobbies. For example, we have a pair that both grew up in NYC, another that both share veteran/military experiences, and one that both studied engineering. The more information the senior puts on their application - the better we can match them to someone! To look at some of the pairs we have matched and learn more about why they were matched, head to the " Perfect Pairs" tab.

What are some things perfect pair matches do together?

This is completely inidividualized and up to the perfect pair! Some perfect pairs have conversations about life and current events during their meetings, while others do art activities, read books or newspapers together, do gardening, etc. We have a long list of resources for the perfect pair to decide what best fits them and their goals. The first meeting between a perfect pair is always a "Get To Know You" meeting where they will create a plan for the rest of their meetings together. Additionally, perfect pair matches will have the chance to do special activities during holidays like Christmas/Hanukkah, Mother/Father's Day, etc. To see all of the activities we offer, check out our Activitiy Catalog. One of our matches, Enid and Melanie, doing a Great Gatsby book club together!

Do we have other events?

Yes! Perfect Pair runs events for the buildings we work with. These are community-wide events for all the seniors living there, not just the ones in perfect pair matches. Due to COVID-19 and not being able to run any in-person events, we delivered 160 handmade holiday cards and over 120 treat bags to residents across 4 assisted and independent living buildings! We are committed to supporting the seniors we serve in all of our communities.

What happens after you submit a match application?

After you submit a match application, our Match Chair and the Match Committee work to match you with someone we think you would get along well with. Based on your application, we look at mutual background, interests, hobbies, passions, and availability. Once you are matched, our Match Chair will send you an email in order to set up a time for you and your match to meet weekly or bi-weekly. To see all the steps of Matching, head to the " Match Process" page on our website. One of our pairs, Hannah and Marion, at their first meeting together as a Perfect Pair.

Where are you currently located? Can I get a Perfect Pair anywhere?

Currently, we are located at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Drexel University, and the University of Wisconsin. As of now we are only connecting Perfect Pairs in the Ann Arbor, MI, East Lansing, MI, Southeast Michigan area, Philadelphia, PA, and Madison, WI. We hope to be able to extend our program to other areas in the future! If you want to help us expand across the U.S., fill out a New Chapter Application here.