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Meet Enid & Melanie

About Enid & Melanie:

Enid & Melanie were one of Perfect Pair's first pairs,  they were matched in 2020! The two were matched because they both grew up in NYC, they both speak Spanish as their second language, and they share interests in theater, drama, reading and art. 


Enid & Melanie love doing activities together. The two have painted together, and even started their own book club! They read The Great Gatsby together and shared their thoughts during the meeting. The two have become so meaningful to each other, we're so happy for this pair! 

Why they were paired:

  • Both grew up in the NYC area (Queens and Brooklyn) 

  • Both speak Spanish as their second language 

  • Shared hobbies of theater, drama and reading

  • Both share an appreciation for art

Copy of Enid _ Melanie, Canvas Painting.png
[Enid Zimmerman] and [Melanie Esterine].png
[Enid Zimmerman] and [Melanie Esterine].png

"I learned so much about Enid today! She’s amazing. She is so kind and so eager to form this connection with myself and I am just as excited. We spoke about where she was born in NYC and then where she was raised in MA. We also discussed where she went for college, where she worked fresh out of college, and how she ended up in Michigan. Turns out she was actually a professor at U of M which is so awesome. We spoke in depth about her family, her husband, kids, and grandkids. And, we even touched on politics and we discovered we have the same views on that too which is great! Fun fact: I showed her my puppy and she fell in love!"

A Reflection from Melanie: 

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