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Meet Charles & Owen

Why they were paired:

  • Charles & Owen both have a love for journalism, Charles worked at a steel mill factory for more than 35 years and Owen watches many documentaries and autobiographies

  • Both have a passion for sports, Owen has played basketball, baseball, wrestling, and football in the past while Charles is fond of Villanova sports

  • Both have a great sense of humor and are introverted! 

About Charles & Owen:

Charles & Owen have been meeting since 2022, and the two have grown really close! The two were paired for their shared interests in journalism, sports, and current events. They also both grew up in Pennsylvania, and they love to reminisce and share memories. 


The two love to meet in person – and they even recently went to get ice cream together (Charles got vanilla and Owen got Chocolate). We love this pair! 

“It is important to have activities with others that share a common bond... I look forward to meeting with my Perfect Pair to play pool and watch as other students step forward and ask if they can join in the pool game... I've met several UofM people that I stay in touch with via text and email... Thank you for this opportunity!”

A Reflection from Charles: 

"Charles and I have grown very close in the past few months. We have a great bond, a genuine friendship, and I truly see him as a mentor, unlike anyone else in my life. Charles has opened my eyes to many possibilities in life and the endless amount of paths that people can end up taking, planned or not. I’m so grateful for the bond that Charles and I have!"

A Reflection from Owen: 

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