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Meet Bobbie Jean & Lizzy

Why they were paired:

  • Bobbie Jean & Lizzy are both very family oriented 

  • The pair both worked as editors of their school Newspapers

  • Bobbie Jean worked in Public Service and Lizzy studied Public Health at UM

  • The pair both are big "foodies" and love trying new foods!

About Bobbie Jean & Lizzy:

Bobbie Jean & Lizzy have known each other since the Winter of 2021. The pair love to spend time together chatting; their visits often go over an hour! The two both have an appreciation for art, and Bobbie Jean has loved reconnecting with her love for coloring and art with Perfect Pair's activities. Lizzy reflects that Bobbie Jean is "like a grandmother" to her. 

The pair got so close that Lizzy left her college graduation and brought her family to meet Bobbie Jean, she wanted to share a part of her special day with her. They have built such a wonderful connection and we can't wait to watch it grow! 

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