Perfect Pair is a program that creates one-on-one connections between seniors and college students. 


Student volunteers and senior participants are paired based on similar hobbies and interests. Through shared laughs, conversation, and fun activities, our members will have the opportunity to foster meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their Perfect Pair .

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Perfect Pair started because there was a lack of programming that helped to establish meaningful, personalized, and one-on-one connections between residents in assisted living buildings and college students. 


Perfect Pair is unique in that it is largely individualized: meetings and activities will not look the same for every pair participating in our program. This really allows for both the senior and the student to organize their meetings in a way that is best tailored to their needs and interests. Through a more personalized connection, members are able to establish a stronger and more fulfilling relationship with a person whom they may have never had the opportunity to meet without the help of our program. 

We are certain that this program will allow for our perfect pairs to learn from and support one another through a beautiful friendship.